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Overview Of A Putative Father

A putative father is an alleged father or a father out of wedlock. The putative father typically claims that he is the biological father of the child even though the mother failed to recognize his identity on the child’s birth certificate.

Postmarital Agreements

A postmarital agreement, or postnuptial agreement, is an agreement executed by a husband and wife after they are married.

Taxation Of Alimony Or Separate Maintenance Payments

Alimony or separate maintenance payments that are made by an obligor spouse to an obligee spouse or to a third party on behalf of the obligee are deductible from the obligor’s income provided the payments are made pursuant to a written agreement that was executed after 1984 and subject to certain conditions.

The Child Witness

It is very difficult for children to be witnesses in a trial. In order to determine if a child should testify in a trial, the attorney should consider numerous factors.

Types Of Child Custody

There are many types of child custody arrangements. The law uses certain terms to describe these arrangements. It is important for parents to understand these terms because they define the rights of the parents.