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Obtaining Fair Child Support Orders

Money is a topic that many couples who are going through the divorce process tend to fight about. In terms of your children, ending your marriage does not end your financial obligations to them. Yet, child support is something with which many parents struggle.

Whether you are seeking a support order that ensures your children are well-provided for or you are seeking a support order that fits within your available budget, the lawyers at John Edwards Law Group, LLC, in Canton, are ready to assist you in achieving your goal.

Facts About Child Support In Georgia

The state of Georgia requires that both parents financially support their children until they reach the age of 18 and have graduated from high school. A child support order may be extended past that age if there is significant cause to do so. On the flip side, it is possible to request the cancellation of a support order if a child emancipates, joins the military, marries or dies.

There is a specific method for calculating how much child support a noncustodial parent is supposed to pay. This calculation gives the base amount due. The court may award more depending on a child’s specific needs. Child support is typically used to pay for the basics:

  • Living expenses
  • Health insurance
  • Medical bills
  • Child care
  • Educational fees
  • Transportation

Of course, extracurriculars may be considered. Extracurriculars include any activities that are non-school related such as sports, camps and music lessons — among other things.

Have Experienced Legal Representation On Your Side

If you have poor representation, as the receiving parent you may achieve a court-ordered child support amount that is insufficient for your child’s needs or, as the paying parent, you may achieve an order that is more than you can pay. Having experienced legal representation on your side can make all the difference in terms of achieving a child support order that is fair and manageable. We also help parents handle issues related to past-due child support.

Discuss Your Case With Our Attorneys

At John Edwards Law Group, LLC, our attorneys have over 70 years of experience assisting parents throughout northern Georgia settle family disputes and achieve child support orders that fit the family’s needs. Contact us by calling the firm at 770-628-1100, or reach us online by filling out our contact form.