When It Comes To Choosing An Attorney, Ride With Experience

Legal Representation From Business-Minded Professionals

The attorneys at John Edwards Law Group, LLC, understand what you are going through from firsthand experience. Our attorneys are entrepreneurs, businessmen and lawyers in addition to being experienced litigators. They have helped hundreds of businesses in Georgia get started, and they have also owned and operated many types of companies. These attorneys know what it takes to get your business moving in the right direction.

John C. Edwards has owned such businesses as a NASD broker-dealer, a blockbuster video store, pizza restaurants, retail gift and sundry stores, candy stores and a management company that ran retail outlets in five states.

Managing Risks While Maintaining Returns

We can help you balance your exposure to risk and return on investment. We can help you realize your dream of business ownership while preparing for the contingencies of taxable liability or lawsuit. Deciding how to structure your business is the first step. Our attorneys can help you — as the owner of a new or growing business — choose among the following business structures based on the risk assessment of your business and your relative exposure to legal and taxable liability:

  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Joint ventures
  • Franchises
  • Nonprofit corporations

Aggressive Business Litigation

Your business’s viability and profitability hinges on others performing their parts of the bargain. When a business transaction is not completed as planned, it is important to assert and enforce your legal right to sue. The scope of our business litigation practice encompasses:

Often, parties can manage a business dispute without litigation if dealt with promptly. However, when litigation becomes necessary, you want an experienced lawyer on your side. Our lawyers offer over 70 years of collective experience and the right business perspective.

Assisting You With Transactional Business Needs

Transactions are the lifeblood of any business. Disputes between parties or contractual language that is less than clear can cost your business valuable time and money. We can help ensure that business transactions are legally sound in order to protect your company from potential litigation down the road. We can also review other transactions and stand ready to protect your valuable interests either through negotiation or litigation, if necessary.

Get Your Business The Help It Needs

Ready to take your business to the next level? Work with our team of lawyers to get the confidence that comes with knowing that someone at the firm is readily available to review and assess your case. Arrange a consultation with our firm to learn more. Call our Canton office at 770-628-1100, or reach us online to schedule your appointment.