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Would A Temporary Protective Order Be Helpful To You During Your Divorce?

Whether you are leaving your marriage because of domestic violence or your spouse’s behavior during the divorce process is concerning in any way, a temporary protective order may be of benefit to you.

No one should live in fear of what actions their spouse might take during the divorce process. Contact us today to learn your legal options for dealing with an abusive or vindictive spouse.

What Is A Temporary Protective Order?

A TPO is a court order that prohibits a spouse from taking certain actions during the marriage dissolution process such as:

  • Moving the children
  • Cleaning out bank and retirement accounts
  • Canceling insurance policies
  • Using joint assets as collateral

In other words, its purpose is to keep both spouses from doing anything retaliatory and help maintain the status quo. If domestic violence is an issue, this order can go even further and order the offending spouse to keep his or her distance from the other spouse and the children.

A TPO is only good until the divorce process is finalized unless it is for domestic violence. Domestic violence protective orders may remain in effect well after a divorce decree is issued.

Obtaining a temporary protective order is not as easy as you would think it should be. The attorneys at John Edwards Law Group, LLC, know what it takes to achieve a TPO. We can review the details of your case and assist you through the process of applying for a TPO that addresses your specific concerns.

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Domestic violence affects numerous families in northern Georgia and Cherokee County. The dedicated and caring lawyers and staff at John Edwards Law Group, LLC, are here for you during your time of need. Our firm is prepared to assist those individuals who are ready to remove themselves from such situations and work through the divorce process or other family law issues without having to worry about their safety or vindictive actions from their spouses.

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