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Is your divorce stressing you out? Here are some things that could help

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | divorce and family law |

You know that your spouse has been calling, and you have paperwork that is supposed to be turned in. You know that you’re holding up the processing of your divorce, but you’re so upset and exhausted that you can’t even stomach looking at it.

This burn out is totally understandable, but it’s important for you to start taking steps toward resolving the situation. It’s possible to work on your divorce while still helping yourself stay mentally balanced.

How can you take care of your mental health while also handling your divorce?

One thing that may help is asking to have all requests or information routed to your attorney. For example, if your spouse is trying to call to talk to you about different parts of your divorce and you don’t want to speak to them, ask them to set up an appointment to speak with you through your attorney or to forward their questions to your attorney. Sometimes, it’s appropriate to cut off contact, especially if you have no children to worry about in this situation.

Another thing to remember is that it’s okay to take a break from working on your divorce. It can be stressful to gather all the information you need for the court. Consider setting aside a few days a week where you take a few hours to go through your divorce documents. The rest of the week, focus on other things that you need to do. Separating your divorce from your daily life can be beneficial to your mental health, and it will help you refocus when it’s time to work on the paperwork.