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Deciding who to appoint as power of attorney

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Taking control of your estate planning needs allows you to make decisions in advance of major events. In Georgia, this includes a power of attorney that can temporarily or totally transfer your choices to another person.

If you put off designating a power of attorney for major medical or financial decisions, you could wind up suffering a significant loss. At John Edwards Law Group, LLC, we can help you come to a comfortable decision for putting your fate in the hands of someone else.

Financial matters

You have worked hard and spent many hours making crucial decisions to put yourself on a positive financial path. To ensure your financial future stays bright, it is critical that you designate a person you trust to handle your money matters should you find yourself unable to. For example, going in for surgery may render you incoherent for a time. The bills still need paying during this time. If your medical condition worsens, you need someone who will act on your behalf in making sure your money goes toward your continued care.

Health care decisions

You may want to appoint a second power of attorney to make decisions regarding your medical care. In a situation where you cannot choose a course of action due to incapacitation, your representative will make decisions. This person should understand your wishes regarding life-saving measures and comfort care, and he or she should abide by these wishes, even if doing so is difficult.

Choosing who will speak and act on your behalf if you cannot requires deep thought and consideration. Visit the estate planning section of our webpage for more information.