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Creating a parenting plan during divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | divorce and family law |

Deciding when and how parents split parenting time when divorcing in Georgia can cause significant stress among the parties. The pressure to create a plan that accounts for every situation can seem overwhelming.

At John Edwards Law Group, LLC, we understand the importance of drafting an effective parenting plan. As such, we can help point out the areas you should spend time focusing on.

Designate a residential parent

One issue that needs addressing right off is the designation of a residential parent. This is the person whose address will dictate what school the children attend. The residential parent may also have the children more; however, do not mistake this for custody. Currently, courts favor a joint legal custody arrangement where parents have an equal say in the affairs and decisions of their children.

Develop a regular schedule

The next step is coming up with a realistic schedule for the children to spend with each parent. You may want to try and keep this consistent so the children and the parents can better keep track. This regular schedule should also address transportation for the children and how they will get back and forth between the parents.

Address a holiday schedule

Holidays and special occasions, such as birthdays, need addressing in the parenting plan. Parents need to consider the best way to compromise when it comes to holiday time. Consider rotating the schedule by odd and even years to establish consistency.

Formulating a realistic plan for parenting time can minimize distress for children and parents after divorce. You can explore more about divorce proceedings on our website.