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New year sees a rise in divorce rates

by | Jan 10, 2019 | divorce and family law |

The end of the winter holidays often means a return to routine for many families here in Georgia. For some, it can also mean big changes, including divorce. Experts say that they often see a rise in divorce rates at the start of each year and there are several reasons why.

One expert says that divorces are often catalyzed by an affair, issues with money or sometimes both of those things. The holidays are typically a time that people spend with their families, and can be stressful, but people will often “tough it out” through what is normally a happy time of year. If there are children involved, particularly young ones, it may cause parents to hesitate in filing for divorce, in the hopes of not upsetting anyone. If money problems or an affair is a factor, it might exacerbate any additional stress present in a family thanks to the busy time of year.

Experts also point to social media as a reason for divorce after the holidays. So many people are posting happy photos and reporting exciting winter activities they’re doing with their families that it can cause anyone who is not content to wonder why that might be the case. Gatherings with extended family can have the same effect, as people see their relatives warmly interacting with one another, it may cause someone considering divorce to reflect on their own family unit.

New tax laws that were implemented at the start of 2019 can also have an affect on divorce rates at this time of year. Those who are receiving spousal support no longer have to claim it as taxable income, while those who are making the payments cannot deduct the amount from their taxes. It can cause a great deal of confusion for anyone considering a divorce here in Georgia and elsewhere. Consulting an experienced attorney may be the best choice for someone who is wishing to get a divorce after the holidays. Doing so can increase the likelihood that a favorable outcome for all parties involved can be reached.